Traditional pools

Traditional swimming pools

Simple, beautiful and linear - opt for traditional, high-quality pools adapted to every budget !

PISCINE & SPA SA pools may be rectangular or any other shape, in line with your garden and your wishes.

Creating a successful pool requires a serious study, right from the design phase.

The choice of the site in your property, the shape, the size, the materials and colours for the inner finish, as well as the way the pool is installed and integrated into your garden, require careful thought.

The traditional pool serenely withstands the test of time and fashion, ensuring that it remains a sound investment.

Its final character and personality are defined by the edges and surrounds, as well as the choice of surface.

A number of construction methods are possible: Concrete pool: formwork – ironwork – concreting or reinforced stonework.

Virtually all types of watertight surface are suitable: liner, reinforced liner, polyester, mosaics, Briare enamel, marbling, etc.

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