Special pools

Special swimming pools

Our pools are unique because they resemble you...


The movable floor converts your terrace into a pool with an adjustable depth in just a few moments. Hydraulic system, the joys of water, flexibility of use, safety and design... Movable floors make the most of the space available... combining pleasure and technology.


Environmentally friendly swimming conserves water, a valuable and vital resource for our planet. Bathe in clear water, free of chemicals. Like a natural lake, a natural pool creates a living environment for people, animals and plants as well the incomparable feeling of bathing in natural water.


Pools are delightfully social places, but they can also be transformed to serve a more sporting purpose. Open-air or indoor swimming lanes can be set out in flat-bottomed pools, limited in width and varying in length from 8 m to 25 m, taking on Olympic dimensions!


A new generation of pools! A technical feat made possible by the experience and expertise of PISCINE & SPA SA. Outstandingly clear and bright, offering remarkable hygiene and cleanliness. The stainless steel immersed structure ensures that the pool is watertight, while the sides create a unique sense of infinity edging, playing on the transparency of crystal clear, pure water. Brimming with innovation yet uncompromising in design. Our pools and spas are environmentally friendly, made of high quality, non-polluting and recyclable materials.

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